Monday, 5 November 2012


It was on 5th September 2012 when staff from RIC-NET Yosia and Elijah were in full swing at the district connecting the E-society. The equipments were received by the district vice chairperson MR. Baluku Godfrey Mbalibula and UBC Bundibugyo branch staff. By 6th September it was already functional with the society, information sharing and dissemination in Bundibugyo will improve with the rest of the world.

Kidima Margret
Project focal person


On 6th September 2012 good hope foundation for rural Development  under the EU project conducted a meeting on the findings of service delivery an activity that was conducted by community monitor in july 2012 in the areas of water and health  in the four sub-counties of Nyahuka T.C , Kisubba , Sindira and Karusandara  respectively . In Nyahuka town council out of 49 water points, 09 are functional and in kisubba out of 44 water points are not functional 35 are functional. Indeed this was the reason for water borne related out breaks like cholera, 80% of the water facilities are not owned by the community to an extent that there is no water users fees and care takers. Any breakdown it’s the district water department that comes in for repairers. Information from the community development officers of these sub-counties conformed that some of the water users committees are not trained due to constrained resources hence not knowing their roles. There is need for immediate attention.
In the meeting the town clerk Nyahuka T.C Ms Katusime Harriet thanked RWECO- and Good Hope for their work on ground and continued support
 Kidima Margret
Project focal person
European Union

Friday, 14 September 2012

Updates From Bundibugyo

A photo in Rukaki                                                                                                                                
Hope you are doing well please.
This serves to inform you that as earlier communicated about the Forum’s seating, we had the first session on 25th/02/2012 in Nsenyi Parish attended by over one hundred citizens from all the five parishes of the sub-county including the C/P LCIII Representative, sub-county speaker among others. The one conducted on 23rd/01/2012 was just a launch.
The topic of discussion for the 25th/02/2012 session was; challenges of UPE Programme in the sub-county and a number of resolutions were made as in the report herein attached.
For credibility, over four hundred signatures have been solicited all over the sub-county to support the issues in a report sent to the sub-county council for discussion and blessing. We hope a number of bye-laws are to be enacted as discussed during the session to improve education standards of the sub-county.
Upcoming activities are; Radio talk show but date not yet confirmed, second parliament seating on 1st/04/2012 at Kajwenge CDC , Kajwenge Parish to discuss challenges of Health and Sanitation sector in the sub-county, and Facilitation of CBOs in Kasese and Bundibugyo to reach out to citizens in their areas of operation popularizing the CM( After receiving funds from CU).
Do not hesitate to advise me otherwise.
NOTE: Read the report addressed to the sub-county speaker please as one of the activity outputs please.
Isaac Sinamakosa (Good Hope foundation).