Wednesday 16 March 2016


Good Hope foundation facilitated Kisinga social forum to conduct a neighborhood assembly session. The neighborhood assembly is a local parliament/platform through which community members identify their community challenges, discuss and reach community based solutions to the challenges in consultation with their leaders.It was conducted at Kirembo trading center Kisinga sub-county. The Neighborhood assembly was attended by various categories of people including the elected leaders, district representatives, civil servants, religious leaders, members from the media house, opinion leaders/community elders, sub county CDO, and the CFPU. Over 150 people attended the neighborhood assembly who were first sensitized on the concept of violence against children and thereafter were engaged in a discussion to share and discuss key issues undermining children’s development in the community and how best they can be addressed.
The Clerk to council in his presentation to the parliamentarians/community members cited some cases of violence against children that were reported in the office of CDO last year. He said 50 cases were reported and the most common ones being; Failure to supply required necessities, defilement, negligence, beating, threatening violence in families, parental hood denial and failure to pay medical bills.
During the neighborhood assembly, members came up with suggestions to address violence against children in the community which include;
  • Sensitizing community members on relevant laws and policies concerning children and adolescents.
  •     Engaging religious leaders in popularizing the district children ordinance and also giving them copies of ordinance.
  • Local leaders and community members to take action against alcoholism and drug abuse as mentioned in the district child ordinance.
  •  The CFPU to strengthen community policing mainly sensitizing community members on the rights of children.
     Coordinator RWECO making some clarifications on community issues
    Community member making his contribution on how to prevent violence against children in the community 

    Community member making his contribution on how to prevent violence against children in the community 
 The CFPU Kisnga sub county responding to questions addressed to him