Thursday, 6 March 2014


The following activities were organized in recognition of the 16 days of activism, in November,2013
the commemoration was guided by the theme above

Radio talk shows
There are continuous radio talk shows on guide radio about VAW every Saturday at 10:30-11 am which covers Kasese, Rubirizi and some parts of Kabarole.However, these talk shows are conducted in lhukonzo only which is a limiting factor since this zone is multilingual. This is done in partnership with ACODEV which is an alliance member organization of We Can.
Road drive
This activity was one of the numerous activities undertaken by the Kasese district we can alliance to raise awareness about prevention of violence against women and girls to make sure homes and the general community become a better place to live in.
To create awareness about prevention of VAW and reduce its torelence among the perpetrators and victims.
To mobilize more people to join the campaign and sign up the change makers forms.
To popularize the aims of the 16 days of activism and implore all the community members to do every possible to create a violence free environment.
The Kasese we can alliance organized a road drive to mark the 16 days of a ctivism.This road drive event was conducted in way that main venue was Kisinga trading centre with lots of stop over along the kisinga, ,Kiburara,Kanyambara and Kinyamaseke trading centers.The activity was planned in way that at different stop overs,key messages would be passed and people commit voluntarily to become change makers. All this was made possible with the great work of the local artists association who accompanied the We can alliance members and entertained the people at different venues.
Discussion arose from presentations of different speakers and many people mainly women committed to sign as change makers.
A Total of 283 people signed as change makers (193 women and 90 men)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Female artist performing during the 16 days of activism in Kinyamaseke T/c
Lady Happy, a local artist in Kasese, passing a message of prevention of domestic violence through music
An alliance member recruiting change makers
Male artist performing during the 16 days of activism in KisingaT/c
Alliance members on road drive in Kasese areas
We organized a networking meeting that was on the eve of the 16 days of activism (24th November) that involved alliance members from different CBOs and other local NGOs in the district.
Passing a message of violence free families