Wednesday 27 September 2017


A musongora artist,Master Kalenzi sensitizing local residents through Music

10th September 2017 was a day when Bigando community in Kitswamba Sub County, Busongora North Constituency, Kasese District gathered for a sensitization campaign on Peaceful co-existence and human rights promotion. Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development in Partnership with local Artists who were led by Mr. Kahyana Jolly of Echoes Band Peace Ambassadors, and Master Kalenzi(From Basongora ethnic group), and Foot Peace ambassadors engaged people through Music dance and drama with key Peaceful co-existence messages.
From Different tribes, but one People

Averagely one thousand (approximately 550 Males and 450 Females) people attended the grass root sensitization event held at BigandoTrading Centre.
Among other participants included; Local residents of Bigando community with different ethnic group members including their leaders, Kitswamba Sub County Chairperson Mr. Magonya Chance, Kitswamba District Councilor Hon. Bukambi Jonald, Rugendabara Parish Councilor Hon. Nswere Mary, Mr. Bwambale Ramathan Mugisa, the Political assistant to the Busongora North Member of Parliament, FPAs of Kitswamba sub county, Media person from KGR, Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Youth Council Speaker, Basongora Chairperson in Bigando-Ibuga Mr. Kyomya Stephen and many other local leaders.
Kitswamba Sub County Foot Peace Ambassadors sensitizing through Drama

The sensitization event aimed at;
·         Creating massive awareness about Peace building, conflict management and Human rights to local people of Kitswamba sub county and mainly Bigando area.
·         Mobilizing at least 200 local people as peace and human rights ambassadors in Kitswamba Sub County.
Kitswamba Sub County Chairperson, Mr. Magonya Chance making his remarks
Several issues were raised by different Speakers and among others included;
·         Search for easy early riches has deprived most Kasese and Rwenzori residents of human morals. Money has been used by Conflict Merchants in Rwenzori to manipulate people,
·         “Strategists are working tirelessly to divide ethnic groups in Kasese which have for long been living peacefully” said by Cattle keepers’ chairperson in Bigando Mr. Julius,
·         Ignorance among local people is aiding conflict escalation in Kasese and Rwenzori. Most people are still illiterate to a level of believing anything proposed by their leaders,
·         Competition for land whereby some people un fairly want to own big chunks of land on expenses of others has led to land conflicts,
·           Elders in Kasese who wasted their youthful time by not working for their future are currently being used by Conflicts to escalate conflicts in Kasese and Rwenzori region at large. These have misled the youths,
  • “Ignorance of the law among local people is contributing to human rights violation” said by Sub County Chairperson,
  • “Taking sides by Police and army in Kasese issues has caused more harm than good. Local communities have progressively lost confidence in Ugandan National forces especially Police which is dangerous for a Peaceful society”, said by District Councilor,
  • Community members need to learn to dialogue in solving their local conflicts,
  • Leaders also seriously criticized the way Electoral commission was planning to conduct the Local Council one elections. Voting by lining up to them is a human rights violation because it will promote hatred among people.
District Councilor, Hon Jonald making emphasis on Peaceful Co-Existence

The key recommendations below were suggested by Participants for sustainable Peace and human rights promotion in Bigando and Kasese at large;
  • Facilitating more local engagement actions to build a strong grass root foundation against Conflict Merchants. Dialogue platforms need to be created for local citizens to always meet and analyze issues of development at their local levels.
  • Respecting the independence of the different arms of Government is pertinent for human rights promotion and conflicts management. The courts of law for example made rulings about some Kasese land under conflicts but the rulings were not respected, allegedly by well connected people to the Executive arm,
  • “Campaign for Peace seems to be championed by Bakonzo ethnic group members. There is need to uplift more people from other local ethnic groups to also champion the campaign, so that the campaign is taken as Kasese issue, not Bakonzo issue”, said by one of the Participants,
  • Youth were asked to defy wrong advises that are anti-Peace and encouraged to work for their stable future.
The LCV Chairperson Representative, Hon.Bukambi Jonald closed the day’s event, calling on every one to keep law and order and remain vigilant on haters of Peace in Kasese and Rwenzori region.
Leaders summing up the event with a dance, led by LCIII Chairperson


Teams praying for a Peaceful game

5th and 8th September 2017 were days Lake Katwe Youth organized Sports for Peace, bringing together people of different ethnic groups, and institutions to show the world that irrespective of physical differences, all humans are one. Institutions like Police and Uganda Wildlife Authority also attended and participated in the two day’s activities at Kinyateke primary school and Kikorongo play grounds.
Teams in action

Foot ball and netball competitions were organized and among the teams included; Delta Force FC-Kahokya, Ocean boys-Kinyateke, Firebase-Kinyateke, Uganda Police FC-Katwe Kabatoro town Council,Simba FC-Kikorongo,Rwentutu new Villa FC-Kabirizi, Super Crane FC-Rwebihungu, Kathika Fc-Murambi II, Katunguru FC, and girls teams that included; Simba Netballl club-Kikorongo, Kabirizi Netball club and Ocean Netball club-Kinyateke.
By the end of the day, Katunguru FC and Simba Netball club-Kikorongo emerged the victors.
Girls teams in action

Among other participants included; Inter-religious committee of Kasese, represented by its Secretary Rev Fr. Expedito, media from KGR and Messiah radio FM, Peace actors like Lucas Buhaka, District Police Commander of Katwe ASP Baganzi J, O/C Kikorongo Police C/ASP Nansereko S, Uganda Wild life Authority community conservation Warden, represented by Owomugisha Elinah, Lake Katwe Chairperson Mr. Cyprus Baluku who represented the Busongora South Constituency MP, and many other local Politicians.
Averagely 1500(1005 Males and 495 Females) people that included teams from Banyakitara Communities in the lower parts of the Sub county like Katunguru, Kikorongo, and PWDs attended and Participated.
Disability is not inability. No.10 of Uganda Police Force team.

Key issues were raised by different Speakers and the following were worth noting;
Inter-religious council and UWA

·         Creating massive awareness about Peace building, conflict management and Human rights to local people especially the youths is cardinal because they are the most influenced ones, and very active,
·         Politicians are exploiting the idleness of most youth to engage them in un necessary conflicts,
·         Extremism among some youth has also landed them into problems
·         Keeping law and order is not only to Security forces but also civilians through providing necessary intelligence information,
·         Poverty is largely leading to escalating conflicts in the Sub county and Kasese at large because people find no option than being aggressive for survival,
  • Early marriages and polygamy as abuse of women’s rights are still common in Lake Katwe and therefore education on the same needs to be specifically organized too,
  • The relationship between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kahokya/Lake Katwe Sub County is not good. Kahokya Parish for example has registered a big number of Poachers whereby others have lost their lives living behind Women headed families and orphans.
  • Some Widows of deceased poachers have also left their homes and married other men, leaving their Children as Family heads,
DPC-Katwe(in uniform), interacting with Peace Actors

Key recommendations below were suggested by different Speakers;
  • Facilitating a dialogue between the leadership of Queen Elizabeth National Park and frontline communities especially Kahokya Parish community for Peaceful Co-existence,
  • Facilitating more engagement actions between Police and local people to positively refresh people’s attitudes towards the force (dialogues, debates, joint community policing).
  • Organizing a youth conference where youth are given platform to exhaustively discuss Peace and human Rights,
  • Educating people of Lake Katwe especially those from the upper side on the alternative survival mechanisms. Poaching has to be de-campaigned and made un popular among the frontline communities.

Inter-Religious Council-Kasese Secretary giving his remarks on Peace

The day was summed by leaders thanking Good Hope Foundation for bringing the youth, Police and UWA together for a common goal of Peaceful Co-existence. This according to the LCIII Chairperson is a practical means of bringing Peace and stability in Communities.
Vice Chairperson LCIII, Lake Katwe Sub County Hon Bwambale Moses handing over the trophy to the Captain of Katunguru FC

Sunday 3 September 2017


Good Hope foundation in implementing a community driven approach to prevent violence against children and adolescents in kasese district using the model couple approach to work as change agents as far as parenting is concerned through influencing and changing the parenting practices among the fellow couples and families in the neighborhoods through organizing sharing and discussion visits to the neighboring families and participating in radio talk shows on parenting. Good Hope Foundation mapped and identified four (4) model couples per sub county making Eight model couples from the two sub counties of Kisinga and Karusandara all neighboring the schools we are working with within the respective sub counties.
On 4th and 5th May 2017, Good Hope Foundation organized a training session for the model couples in the two sub counties of kisinga and Karusandara. Eight (8) model couples were trained on parent-child communication skills, parenting styles, guidance and counseling. The training was for the purposes of strengthening model couples positive parenting practices skills at family level targeting 8 couples in 2 sub-counties in Kasese district with the main objective of equipping model couples with knowledge and skill on positive parenting practices as well equipping them with skill on public speaking and media presentation.
Key areas of training included; understanding the concept of model couple looking at the characteristics of a model couple in relation to positive parenting. A model couple a family of man and woman living as husband and wife with their children, the couple that is recognized by the community as husband and wife living under the same roof, the family that has basic household needs like- main house, detached kitchen and latrine, bathroom, dry rake, hand washing facility with soap,  garden for food security in case of rural families, a couple that knows the value of education, a couple who is mindful of children’s basic needs, as well the couple that is able to share their experiences in child up-bringing, farming and community participation including any innovations that have enabled them to bring up children using the means available at their disposal.
Other training areas included; understanding the concept of violence against children and adolescents looking at the forms, causes, effects and how it can be prevented;  understanding the concept of positive parenting mainly looking at the aspects that can help in achieving positive parenting such as behavior control, respect for Individual autonomy, modeling appropriate behaviors, positive communication skills, provision and protection looking at the roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians. The participants were also skilled in media and public speaking were we concentrated on giving model couples tips on public speaking and radio presentation looking at how they can prepare themselves for the radio talk show before, during and after the radio talk show.
Key commitments
  • Model couples committed themselves to reach out to 10 families each couple in their neighborhoods to share and discuss with them on the aspect of positive parenting of children and work with them to bring about change in those families in regard to reducing violence against children and adolescents.
  • Model couples also committed themselves to always come for radio talk shows whenever they are called upon to share family experiences in parenting of children to the listeners.

Model couples being trained

 Model couples being trained in Kisinga Sub County
Model couples in training session on VAC prevention in Karusandara Sub County


Following the 2016 recent conflicts that erupted in Kasese district that left many families losing their dear ones as well as increasing violence against children and adolescents especially through impacting on the parenting mechanisms of children in the families and communities, Good Hope Foundation in collaboration with ECOS band peace ambassadors on 1st/5/2017 organized a community sensitization session on violence against children through Music Dance and Drama at Kyatoke trading center in Buisembu sub county. Over 600 people attended the session including the sub county chairperson local council three, the district councilor, security officers, religious leaders and other local leaders.
While highlighting on the impact of conflict, the chairperson LC111 said that as a result of this recent conflict the sub county has registered an overwhelming number of orphans totaling to 200 orphans, many children have dropped out of school, and that many families can no longer meet the children’s basic needs. Through the music dance and drama, key messages passed included;

Educating community members on the value of education while highlighting the parent’s roles and respomsibilities in fulfilling the child’s right to education. To illustrate this, Good Hope Foundation together with ECOS band peace ambassadors supplied exercise books to over 100 children during the event. 

 Local artist asking questions to young children for them to win scholastic items

They also commended on the practice of shop keepers selling alcohol to children where they called upon local leaders to implement the district child protection ordinance on protection that prohibits shop keepers and bars from selling alcohol to children.
They also called upon families to fully participate in food production for them to be able to parent their children.
A message on peace and love in the families, communities and schools was also passed while communicating that if violence against children and adolescents is to be reduced peace and love must first be in families, schools and communities. Additionally a message commending on the practice of adults using beating as a form of punishing children was also passed while calling upon parents to stop beating and start using alternative punishments.
The band could not leave calling upon parents to engage themselves in income generating activities as a way of fighting against household poverty thereby facilitating positive parenting. They encouraged parents to join savings and credit groups and also to start income generating projects at home like animal and bird keeping as this will help them to be in position to meet the children’s needs.

ED  addressing the gathering about how to preventing violence against children and idolescents