Sunday, 22 December 2013


The 6th,Dec, 2013 will remain a memorable day for the Ntoroko District Local government when all Politicians and technocrats from Sub county to District level converged at Allan’s Resort,Fortportal to discuss pertinent development concerns for the District and capacity building staff as a way of designing a robust strategy of pushing the District ahead in Development as well as competing with other Districts.
Participants from different lower local governments and District headquarters

Good Hope Foundation for rural Development(GHFRD) under RWECO contributed towards the successful organization of the Coordination meeting that brought together all the District, Sub county technical and political teams totaling to Seventy six(76) Participants including; The LCV C/Person, The Chief Administrative Officer(CAO), Chief Finance officer(CFO),District Head Human resource, District Planner, District Naads Officer, District Education Officer, District Health officer, Secretary for service commission, LCiii Chairpersons from all eleven sub counties, Sub county Chiefs and Naads service providers.
Among the topics discussed were; Revenue sources for Local Governments and the legal framework governing Financial Decentralization, Roles of Various stakeholders in Revenue mobilization and utilization, Revenue Performance, Revenue mobilization strategies for Local governments, collection, Recording ,accountability and queries raised by the Auditor General on revenue, and Risk management in the implementation of public services.
Departmental heads, subcounty chiefs,LCIII C/Persons in attendance

On behalf of the District Administration, The CAO, Mr.Allan Ashaba presented the major Challenges still affecting the successful implementation and delivery of services to citizens as follows;
·         All District local governments lacking official administrative headquarters whereby the District Headquarters are housed by Kibuuku primary school, Nombe sub county in a temporary structure, Karugutu sub county in a rented house, Bweramule sub county having no structure, Rwebisengo sub county just yet to construct offices, Kanara sub county in a temporary structure and Butungama sub county in a rented house.
·         Most Local governments including the District failing to have mandatory sittings because of the limited revenue.
·         Service delivery challenges whereby Development projects are not adequately funded by the development grants such as; Health centers, Roads, Water sources and schools.
·         Limited monitoring of the implementation of council programmes and projects because of limited funding.
·         Failure to co-fund projects-LGMSD,NAADS
·         Inadequate operation and maintenance of Boreholes, Schools and Health units among others due to limited funds
The CAO,Mr Ashaba Allan, addressing participants on the status of service delivery in as far as service delivery is concerned

In the drive of revenue mobilization, the following challenges were highlighted as being encountered;
·         Limited revenue sources as a result of poor mobilization.
·         Conflict of interest whereby most projects are tendered by relatives of politicians or supporters/confidants of technical staff.
·         Limited political will to ensure that revenue is realized as awarded-calling for waivers.
·         Personal interests out competing institutional interests, like most cooperatives interested in making huge profits.
·         Laxity by technical staff not respecting the agreements signed between tenderers and Lower local governments.
·         Disasters and conflicts in some areas especially along DRC Border.
·         Failure of the lower local governments to start their own markets or partner with private partners.
The Chief Finance Officer,Mr. Kyamakya John strengthening participants' capacities in Financial management

Major Out puts of the Coordination meeting.
·         Leaders making a resolution that all Sub county chiefs work closely with the councils and make sure at least one market is established for their respective Sub Counties or sign Memorandum of understandings (MOUs) with the already operating markets managed privately, as away of boosting revenue collections.
·         All political and technical leaders at District and sub county levels agreeing to work together putting a side their political and personal grudges for the betterment of the District.
·         Leaders resolving to utilize the opportunity of NGO community structures as a platform of information sourcing and dissemination in communities as well as basing on the structures to evaluate leaders’ performance. 
Mr.Allan Ashaba giving feedback.

Conclusively, the Local council Five Chairperson Hon. Kyamanywa Timothy appreciated the opportunity set by the retreat for all District leaders to look at their mandates, roles and be able to chart a way forward in improving service delivery.