Monday 30 November 2015

“A sustainable energy future for Uganda: strengthening public private partnerships towards universal access to affordable, reliable and modern renewable energy services”

On 18th-19th November 2015 Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development joined WWF partners and stakeholders attending the 4th Energy symposium at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel.During the 4th WWF Energy symposium, the Energy Report for Uganda was launched by the Ministry of energy and Mineral development represented by the Commissioner. The commissioner revealed to WWF stakeholders that a fully-fledged department of Renewable energy technology has been created in the Ministry that will spearhead clean energy access to Ugandans.
Uganda is endowed with high abundant renewable energy potentials from sources such biomass, water, wind and the sun. However, this potential has not been fully utilized resulting in a situation where 15% of the population has access to electricity, while majority over 90% depend on unsustainable used biomass and use rudimentary technologies to meet their energy needs.
It is well known that, the provision of sustainable energy solutions in Uganda is crucial for alleviating poverty, strengthening the country’s economy and protecting our environment. Government is committed to meet the energy needs of Uganda’s population for social and economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner. However, there are challenges that slow the development pace of Uganda’s energy sector like technical capacity, Limited capital investment, Foreign Economic trends that impact on the Ugandan economy etc.

The Commissioner ministry of Energy and Mineral Development launching the Energy report for Uganda during the 4th annual Energy symposium in Entebbe

Service providers in the energy sector giving their experiences about the energy industry in  Uganda as panelists
Good Hope Foundation Programs Coordinator giving his experience about the Renewable clean energy access project being implemented in partnership with WWF in Kasese