Friday, 29 April 2016


In an attempt to strengthen the skills of women’s groups to be able to engage in economic activities as a way of increasing their participation in prevention of violence against children and adolescents,  Good hope Foundation carried out capacity assessment of women groups in the two sub-counties of Kisinga and Karusandara to identify the capacity gaps.The groups assessed included; St. Lucy women group from Kisinga and Karusandara HIV/AIDs United group from Karusandara sub county.  
Key activities carried out by these groups include; savings and credit, kitchen gardening, animal rearing (piggery and goat keeping), domestic violence prevention as well as drama shows conducted by St. Lucy Women group from Kisinga while, Savings and credit, drama shows, hygiene and sanitation and kitchen gardening is being carried out by Karusandara HIV/AIDS United group. From the assessment, among the gaps identified by the group members included; improper management of income generating projects of the group especially piggery project by St. Lucy women group and Savings and credit scheme by Karusandara HIV/AIDS United group as well as parenting skills and children’s laws.

Three skill training workshops for two women groups in Kisinga and Karusandara sub counties were conducted by Good Hope Foundation which focused on management of income generating projects especially savings and credit as well as piggery projects in order to enhance member’s knowledge on how to use VSLA and piggery as a business to improve household incomes thereby contributing to the prevention of violence against children and adolescents. 28 members; 23 women 5 men from St. Lucy women group from in Kisinga Sub County were trained on piggery management and the training focused on four areas which include;

  • Housing
  •  selecting pigs for keeping
  • Avoiding in-breeding pigs
  • Always look for pigs with 12 breast
  • Pigs with long back born are good
  • And then pigs with big size legs
  • Record keeping (using the head, calendar and the book)
  • Preparing for a pig that is almost producing and after producing were it is necessary to prepare food, prepare dry grasses it will produce on.

St.Lucy Women group during the piggery training at Rwenguhya COU
While Karusandara HIV/AIDS United group, 33 members; 26 women and 7 men were trained on management of village savings and loan associations.The training centered on; register book, social welfare fund ledger, savings ledger, loan ledger and the cash book as well as on sharing out.

61 members; 49 women and 12 men from the two groups were again trained on parenting skills, children’s laws as well as on how to make re-usable sanitary pads to improve access to sanitary pads thereby reducing the risks to violence against children which is result of failure to access sanitary pads by young girls.
Karusandara HIV/AIDS United group being in VSLA Management
Women groups being in making re-usable sanitary pads
Group members posing for a photo after training on children's laws and parenting skills

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