Monday, 28 September 2015


A land mark has been set today, the 28th/09/2015 by Bundibugyo District Peace Gurus who were facilitated by Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development to conduct joint Distrtict level Peace Meeting bringing together representatives of the Bakonzo and Bamba communities to discuss sustainable Conflict prevention strategies.
The Meeting held in Bundibugyo Town Council fetched participants from Bughendera County dorminated by Bakonzo and Bwamba County dominated by Bamba. It was chaired by The Rt Hon. Mubulya Wilson the Prime Minister Obudhingiya bwa Bwamba (OBB) and attended by other Government officials including; The Resident District Commissioner Mr. Mucunguzi Geoffrey and the District Internal Security Officer Mr.Mwesigwa Sam.
District Peace promotion stakeholders after an intensive meeting

It was uncovered in the Meeting that the cause of tension in Bundibugyo is largely attributed to;

  • Lack of Mutual respect among the different tribes in Bundibugyo.

  • Forgetting the History of Blood friendship between Bakonzo and Bamba

  • Miss-use of Media and social platforms by majorly the Youths.

  • Political self interests. The RDC hinted that unless leaders change, local people will continue suffering innocently.

  •  Fight for superiority among the tribes in the District.
  • Lack of Transparent and sincere Elders who would be talking the truth to the youth about the relationship between the different communities in the District.

Together for Peace group photo

According to the RDC, “When personal interests supersede the interests of the community, the local people suffer most” 
RDC Mr.Mucunguzi Geofrey emphasizing on Peaceful co-existance
He brought it to light that according to intelligence information, there are very few individuals in Bundibugyo District dividing the ignorant local people for their political interests. 
The DISO Mr.Mwesigwa Sam educating Participants on the relation between Peace and Security
The Following resolutions were made that will contribute to sustainable Peace, closely monitored by different stakeholders;

  • A self facilitated fourteen (14) members Peace committee has been established, Seven from Bakonzo and seven from Bamba communities. Resident District Commissioner(RDC), District Internal Security Officer(DISO), District Police Officer(DPC) and Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba(OBB), Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) Representatives will be x-officials.

  • The RDC together with the Elders from the two communities to utilize the Airtime offered to RDC’S Office by Development Fm on every Tuesday of the Week (6-7pm), Preaching Peace and other related development issues.
  •  RDC and DISO to organize Peace sensitization Meetings at Sub-county levels with close consultation of the cultural institutions and Good Hope Foundation as a partner. This will start with effect from October 2015.

The Bakonzo Community representative sharing key causes of tension in the District

The Bamba Community Representative also sharing his Version of key casuses of Tension in Bundibugyo

In the RDC's closing remarks,he thanked Good Hope Foundation for the unique community mechanism Peace building strategy and promised to offer full support to the actions geared towards bringing sustainable Peace and Development to Bundibugyo District.

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