Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development again has set a land mark for enhancing social accountability by facilitating the Ntoroko District Local Government to discuss its set Mechanisms for Channeling complaints and feedback from Stakeholders, spelling out its main Clients, the services offered, and the standards of services which the clients should expect. This sharing Meeting was conducted on 29th/09/2015 at the District Headquarters, chaired by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ms. Mughuma Joan.
Some of the Distict Meeting Participants posing for a group photo

Among the Meeting Participants included; The Deputy CAO, the District Education Officer, Senior Community Development Officer, District Health Officer, District Health Educator, District Senior inspector of Schools, The Town Clerks of Kanara and Karugutu and community members from the Lower local Governments.
Brains at work during CAO's Presentation on a clients' charter

The District Clients’ Charter is guided by the following Objectives;
  • To enhance the District Service delivery performance.
  • To provide accountability framework to the clients and stakeholders.
  • To inform stakeholders of the services offered by the District, their rights, expectations, commitments and Obligations.
The Client Charter is made up of seven (7) Sections; Section 1 covers introduction about the District, Section 2 brings out the result areas, Section 3 covers the commitments, Section 4 gives the general standard of services of Ntoroko District Local Government, Section 5 gives a highlight of Clients spelling out their rights and Obligations, Section 6 provides for the Feedback and complaint Mechanisms, while Section 7 sets out the reporting Mechanism against the charter.
Participants making notes duing a power point presentation

It was also an opportunity for Good Hope Foundation to present Findings of the Vertical Tracking Survey conducted on 16th/09/2015 targeting Health and Education sectors. Reactions to the Findings were made and action points reached, all aimed at improving service Delivery in the District. 
The DHO reacting to the Vertical tracking survey findings

The Kanara Town Council Clerk, stressing a point. Looking on is Ms Joan, the Deputy CAO
The following Key action points were made for both Clients’ charter and Vertical Tracking Survey;
  • The District Chief Administrative Officer to Write to Good Hope Foundation and its Umbrella partners like RWECO and CEWIT clearly requesting for support especially for the District Education Ordinance aimed at improving the Education service delivery.
  • Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) and Citizens watch with IT (CEWIT) to facilitate the conduct of joint meetings for Technical and Political leaders in the District to discuss key development challenges especially in the Health and Education sectors. According to the Deputy CAO, there seems to be a gap between Politicians and Technical staff.
  • The Vertical Tracking Survey Findings and District Meeting resolutions to be forwarded to the District social services Committee.
  • A comprehensive Monitoring tool that merges both Good Hope’s and that of the Government is needed for detailed data capture from Service delivery points.
  • District Health Officer to organize for meetings with the different Health Centers to guide them on proper requisitions for Drugs to check drug stock outs.
  • Good Hope/ RWECO or CEWIT to partner with the District in facilitating the exercise of translating the Clients’ Charter into the major Local Languages in the District.   
  •   As a way of improving feedback from the District’s Clients, Suggestion boxes and Notice boards should be budgeted for by the District or funded by other stakeholders, to be installed at different Public offices, Health Centers and Schools.
  • Different stakeholders will be contacted by the CAO’s office to support the popularization of the Clients’ charter to all District Clients at different levels.
The Public, Development Partners, Civil Society organizations, the security organs, Political leaders, Non-Governmental organizations (Local and international) are key Clients of Ntoroko District and therefore if all these gallant forces can professionally unite, the District will realize its vision of; A healthy and productive population with less than 10% below the poverty line by the year 2020.

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