Thursday, 8 September 2016


On 29/8/2016 RWECO participated in Music Dance and Drama festival organized by SNV which was held at Kisinga primary school Kisinga subcounty for the main purpose of disseminating and creating awareness on under nutrition with a focus on stunting to the pupils, their parents and to the community at large. The event was under theme "stop poor nutrition for quality learning. 10 primary schools including Kiburara primary school participated in this competition and among the items presented included; set piece, poem, original composition and creative dance. The event was attended by over 1000 people including the district chair person, DEO, Inspector of schools, district nutrition officer, and district nutrition coordination team, cultural local and religious leaders as well as the RDC. Members commended on food as the most challenge UPE schools is facing and community members were called upon to respect children's rights especially through giving right food to them, education, as well as avoiding early marriages and child labor.
The chairperson LC3 Kisinga sub county thanked all the development partners including SNV, Save the children and Good Hope Foundation for their efforts towards improving the wellbeing of children in the sub county. He promised the development partners to fully support them in every project they plan for the sub county.
The DEO encouraged to schools improve co-curricular activities as one way of encouraging pupils to love education. Development partners were also called upon to strengthen and applying MDD as an avenue to easily and directly convey messages and change behavior of several people as in regard to violence against children and adolescents
The RDC raised a concern on parent’s laziness as one way that is increasing food insecurity and malnutrition. She also commended on poor hygiene and sanitation in the households which is increasing the risks of children to acquire diseases.
The chairperson LC5 recommended the approach of using MDD in influencing practices and behavior change among the community members and increasing children’s self esteem.  He added that 49% of children in the district are stunted and on this note he said there is a need for the community members to change the cultural eating habits and he also commended on the parent’s failure to fulfill their obligations towards their children. He finally commended on the change in climate and he encouraged the community members to begin planting trees as one way of achieving our food production goal.
Kasese district principle Education officer giving a speech about nutrition during competition

Kiburara P/S presenting a creative dance during the competition
Kasese district deputy RDC presenting a speech about child growth and development in relation to nutrition

Chairperson LC V Presenting his speech during the event about Nutrition and child growth

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