Thursday, 8 September 2016


Kibuga is one of the Parishes in Karusandara Sub County, Kasese District, Uganda where Karusandara Youth United Development association (K.A.Y.U.D.A), a local CBO Partnering with Good Hope Foundation on prevention and management of conflicts and human rights abuses in the sub county, conducted a neighborhood assembly at Kibuga Trading centre on August 31st, 2016 to discuss Peace.
LC11 Chairperson of Kibuga Parish, welcoming Participants including LC111 Chairperson
The assembly centered on three objectives that included;
·        To expose and discuss possible triggers of conflicts and human rights violations in Karusandara sub county especially in Kibuga Parish
·        To agree on possible actions of reducing the different forms of conflicts in Karusandara sub county.
·        To strengthen capacity of K.A.Y.U.D.A to conduct conflicts prevention and management meetings at community level.
The Neighborhood assembly session was fairly attended and over 200 people turned up. Approximately 93 males and 110 females attended. Among other participants were; O.C Police Karusandara police post, LCIII Chairperson, Sub county Council Speaker, Paralegals and men, women, youth residents of Kibuga Parish, Karusandara sub county.
Some local people attending the NA Session
Key issues raised during discussions
·        There are violations of women’s economic rights by husbands in the Parish. After harvesting Agricultural produce, men do not allow their wives to participate in Planning.
·        Alcoholism is practiced by both men and women in the sub county and this has for several times triggered domestic conflicts.
·        Men have left their wives to be bread winners in their homes.
·        Men report very late back home and this has also triggered domestic conflicts.
·        There are a lot of Police corruption cases in Kibuga and Karusandara at large. All this has contributed to continuous conflicts.
·        Women have been denied right to worship by their husbands and parents.
·        Some Parents are still primitive to an extend of denying their children right to education.
·        The rich undermine the poor and this has created a social gap between these two classes of people in the sub county.
·        Land grabbing and political influence in the sub county has also triggered conflicts in the sub county
·        The different ethnic groups in Karusandara Sub County stay peacefully but only a few pockets of miss understandings occur that are considered normal in any community setting.
·        Sexual harassment of especially girls by their fellow age mates of opposite sex, villagers, parents and teachers is still high in Karusandara Sub County.
·        Climate change is causing disasters in the sub county and hunger is expected which could affect people’s livelihood.
A Foot Peace ambassador engaging participants during general discussions
Key Action points made.
·        Sub county leadership to emphasize the execution of by-laws aimed at protecting children’s rights like stopping children from entering bars, and bars opening during day time.
·        To preach a message of love among the married couples in different forums as one of the ways of curbing Domestic violence.
·        To mainstream environmental protection education and action in all activities at community level.
·        Local community members and leaders to support all planned actions by CBOs identified by Good Hope Foundation in preventing and managing conflicts and human rights violations in Karusandara sub county.

The session ended with remarks by the Local Council Three chairperson emphasizing on Peaceful co-existence among the different ethnic groups in the sub county that are over 40 in number. The Chairperson gave a biblical relationship between a family and community where he advised married couples to promote peace in their homes if they must witness Peace in the whole sub county, because community Peace starts at home.

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