Thursday, 8 September 2016


Good Hope Foundation facilitated Kisinga Vocational Secondary School to organize student’s career day on 22/July/2016 which was attended by over 420 students (234 girls and 186 boys). Among others who attended included the head teacher and the teaching staff. The careers day was on the theme; “How to achieve our goal of education at school”, this was in an attempt to strengthen the children’s capacities to be sensitive of violence against children and adolescents and be able to prevent and respond to the forms of violence against adolescents which hinders children’s education. The theme centered on three topics which included; your life experience does not necessary determine your future, planning for your goal and then education and the internet use. These were facilitated by three speakers who included; Mr. Masereka Zakayo a nurse at Kagando Hospital and a lecturer at Kagando school of nursing and midwifery, Maate Erius who is an engineer at crown beverages limited and an OB of kisinga vocation secondary school and then Mr. Jimmy B. Odyek coordinator of Rwenzori consortium for civic competence.
According to the first speaker, Mr. Masereka Zakayo who presented on the topic of; “your life experience does not necessarily determine your future”, he had to narrate his past experience of education were he said he comes from a humble family and that his education was in steps from a certificate as a nursing aid, enrolled nurse, diploma, degree to masters now. In his communication he highlighted that the challenges you meet a long should not hinder you from achieving your goal. He added that for those who are at school, poverty is not a challenge to their education but poverty can be brought by the students/children especially if they involve themselves in bad acts which may affect their education such as alcoholism, sexual immoralities, and bad companies to mention. It is does not matter which school you are at for you to succeed in education but the determination to achieve your goal.
The second speaker Mr. Maate Erius who presented on how to plan for your goal and as a person who passed through the same school he first gave a message of hope to adolescents were he informed them that they are on the best school and having the best teachers. He however said to the adolescents that a career is not easy to develop that it needs determination and passion. He talked about the peers who may either positively or negatively affect your personal goal. He said it’s a matter of being strategic. He encouraged the adolescents to have something that brings them to school.
The third speaker who Mr. Jimmy Odyek presented on Education and internet use, he first highlighted some few global challenges which include population increase, internet challenges/social media, climate change as well as youth unemployment. In addressing the above the challenges he said the adolescents/youths should be at the center as change agents were he said they should think beyond their surroundings in addressing these challenges. He called upon students to use internet to enhance their education but not using it to watch pornography. He added that there is a need to use internet to think globally and acting locally. He encouraged the adolescents to work with their parents and influence them to invest in education. He discouraged the tendencies of families spending a lot non productive ventures such as burials instead of education a practice that is common in most of the families in Kasese district. He also talked about the culture were he said most of the adolescents no longer respect the culture especially the addressing codes of adolescents that exposes them to violence. On thinking globally he encouraged students to embrace the learning of international languages such as Chinese language and other language in order for them to feet in the global world. He cautioned the adolescents to abstain from pre-marital sex.
Eng:Maate Erius of crown beverages limited and an OB of Kisinga Voc School giving words of encouragement to students  during careers day

Kisinga Voc students presenting a play about violence against adolescents in the domestic environment 
Senior Nursing officer Masereka Zakayo Black narrating the long walk to his current level of Education and  employment position as away to encourage students to concentrated on Education

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