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Isaac Sinamakosa sensitizing the youths on Peaceful co-existence

14th May 2017 was the day Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese celebrated press freedom day at Karusandara Primary school in Kasese District, postponed from 3rd May 2017. The theme of the day was; Critical Minds for critical times; media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies. The theme was built on the understanding that; Justice for all is a prerequisite for freedom of expression and sustainable development, promoting the media’s potential as a catalyzer of peace and mutual understandings, and freedom of expression and freedom of information fostering more inclusive societies.
Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development joined and supported Umbrella for journalists in Kasese to support four football clubs from four Parishes of Karusandara to play football for peace friendly matches at Karusandara Primary school playground. These clubs included; Kanamba FC from Kanamba Parish, B United FC from Karusandara Parish,Kivengenye FC from Kabukero Parish and Kibuga FC from Kibuga Parish. By the end of the day, B United emerged the champion and Kibuga FC the runners up.
Among the leaders who turned up and made several speeches concerning youth inclusion in Peace promotion included; District Woman Councilor, Karusandara Police OC, Police CID, Parish Councilors, Parish Chairpersons and LCIs. The event was boosted by the sub county FPAs and general team of Journalists in Kasese who also passed Peace and human rights information to the Youths. Over three hundred fifty (350) youths turned up for the football matches.
A hand shake for Peace by Guests

During the speeches and discussions, the following issues were raised;
  • The major conflicts in Karusandara are related to land and domestic violence
  • The sub county lacks a maternity ward and ambulance and this violates women’s rights to timely access health services.
  • Poor Road network and access to electricity still culminating into very many economic problems in Karusandara. These challenges have triggered economic conflicts and rendered the population marginalized
  • The issue of wild animals destroying people’s crops has not been treated as a priority by the authorities and has contributed to poverty among farmers neighboring the protected area(Queen Elizabeth National Park)
  • The youth in several occasions have fallen victims of drug abuse, early marriages and becoming idle and disorderly.
  • Education has not been given a priority by Parents of Karusandara whereby most Pupils drop out of school due to Parents’ negligence.
  • Other tribes except Bakonzo in the sub county are still marginalized in terms of access to public jobs. This however among other reasons was attributed to low education levels of these tribes mates in the sub county, making them not competitive enough for the advertised jobs.
ASP MULI of Karusandara Police sensitizing youths on law governing the Country

During discussions, the following recommendations and immediate follow up actions were suggested;
  • There is need to devise ways of promoting peaceful co existence between frontline communities and UWA whereby wild Animals from Queen Elizabeth National Park destroy people’s crops and this is a potential conflict trigger.
  • The Land issue between Bakonzo/cultivators and Basongora/pastoralists need some one impartial to mediate because people feel those involved in the National and local government leadership have sides in the conflict.
  • Early marriages are still a big challenge in the sub county necessitating urgent action.
  • A lot of reports about youths being idle and abusing drugs were also heard during discussions. Massive sensitization on several human rights and the law is still needed among the youths.

Immediately, all development partners need to make follow ups/actions on the following key action point agreed on;
  • Massive sensitization about go back to school and stay in school among Karusandara communities. Very few pupils, who start primary one, finish primary seven and finally secondary level in Karusandara.

The Champions B united FC Posing for a photo with Journalists and Good Hope Staff.
Chief Guest,Hon.Mbambu Doreen Speaking to the youths

The event ended with handing prizes to the champion and runners up by the District Woman Councilor of Karusandara Sub county who thanked Good Hope Foundation, in her closing remarks for teaming up with Journalists who can either escalate conflicts or prevent them through reporting,  and thanked them for the great work they have been doing in the sub county under different projects but majorly; prevention and managing conflicts and human rights violations and mobilizing communities for peaceful co-existence, not forgetting the youth who are very active in most conflicts.
Giving prizes to the Champions,by the Chief guest

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