Thursday, 11 May 2017


Bwesumbu sub county Chairperson making welcoming remarks as well as passing Peace message

1st May 2017 was blessed with sensitization of local people of Greater Kitswamba on human rights, conflict prevention and management through Music dance and drama by Foot Peace Ambassadors (FPAs) of Kitswamba Sub County in Partnership with local Artists who were led by Mr. Kahyana Jolly of Echoes Band Peace Ambassadors and others from Rwenzori Big Stars Band in Kasese District.
Averagely 836(524 Males and 312 Females) people that included approximately 76 PWDs attended the grassroot sensitization event held at Kyatoka Trading Centre, Bwesumbu Sub county, Busongora North Constituency, Kasese District.
Among the participants included; Local residents of Busongora North dominated by Kyatoka Parish residents, Bwesumbu District Councilor, Kyatoka OC Police, Bwesumbu LCIII C/Person, FPAs of Kitswamba sub county, Media person from KGR, Artists from Echoes band Peace ambassadors and Rwenzori big stars band, Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Youth Council Speaker, Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu regional Education secretary and many other local leaders.
Peace and human rights sensitization through Music

The sensitization event aimed at;
·         Creating massive awareness about Peace building, conflict management and Human rights to local people of greater Kitswamba and Bwesumbu sub county in particular.
·         Mobilizing at least 400 local people as peace and human rights ambassadors in Busongara North Constituency.
·         Providing counselling to the Kyatoka residents, following the recent loss of lives by many families of over 30 people during the November 2016 attacks in Kasese District
Good Hope Foundation ED Passing his Peace message
Several issues were raised by different Speakers and among others included;
·         The Kasese District November, 2016 killings left two hundred (200) orphans and thirty two (32) widows in only Bwesumbu sub county.
·         People still live in fear and lost trust for armed forces.
·         Over thirty (30) Males lost their lives at Kyatoka trading centre gunned down by government forces.
·         Keeping law and order is not only to civilians but also to armed men and women. It was observed that armed forces in several ways have violated civilians’ rights.
·           House hold poverty is largely leading to Domestic violence and youth becoming susceptible to being lured into conflict and human rights violation actions.
  • Early marriages and polygamy as abuse of women’s rights are still common in Bwesumbu and therefore education on the same needs to be specifically organized too.
  • A lot of reports about youths being idle and abusing drugs were heard during discussions. Special empowerment program for the youths is therefore needed in the greater Kitswamba area. Empowerment in terms of formal education and economic empowerment are vital.
Sensitization through Music by Artists,continued.

Good Hope Project officer sensitizing participants on human rights
The key recommendations below are worth considering for sustainable Peace and human rights promotion in Busongora North Constituency of Kasese;
  • Facilitating more engagement actions between Police and local people to positively refresh people’s attitudes towards the force.
  • Putting in place mechanisms of economically empowering the 200 orphans and 32 widows in Bwesumbu Sub County who are living a regrettable life.
  • Organizing such events at other trading centers in the Constituency. Few people have the confidence to move to other places for peace message because of the fear they still have. Mbata and Kajolly centers were for example recommended by leaders for sensitization on Peace and human rights.

FPAs sensitizing through Drama

The day was summed up by amplifying the Labour Day theme: “Building the nation through good Work ethics” meaning every one as a worker has a responsibility of  practicing good ethics that do not trigger a conflict and violate other person’s right.
Staff and FPAs group photo at the end of the event

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