Friday, 5 May 2017


PO Making introductory remarks

As Good Hope Foundation continues with actions of preventing and managing conflicts and Human Rights Violations in Kasese and Rwenzori region at large, community grass root people need new tactics and knowledge of doing the work.
We identified and trained ten (10) CBOs coordinators at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese District from Munkunyu,Katwe Kabatoro town council, Karusandara,Lake Katwe and Kitswamba as Trainers of Trainees as well as Foot Peace Ambassadors who have a responsibility of training their fellow CBOs members in conflict analysis, prevention and management and human rights.
RWECO-CU Coordinator, Mr.Jimmy Odyek giving key remarks during training

On 11th and 12th April 2017, these TOTs were refreshed together with media persons from Kasese Guide radio and Messiah FM radio. The training was facilitated by Good Hope staff members, RWECO-CU and Hon.Loice Bwambale former Kasese District Woman Member of Parliament and current Chairperson of Rwenzori Women Peace Forum.
Hon. Loice Bwambale making presentation on Human Rights

Several issues were raised during the training and among others included;
·        Negative stereotypes in speeches among Kasese residents have contributed to triggering conflicts in the Rwenzori region. It was discovered that some proverbs and statements spread hatred that have led to protracted conflicts. Hon. Loice Bwambale for example said that statements like “Mwasananyinya” literally meaning,
he/she came with her mother would force family members to grow knowing that a certain child was not their biological relative,  “Kandi Baanabo” literally meaning again they are the ones. All such words mobilize people against others resulting into a conflict in the long-run.
·        Economic imbalance among communities has acted as fertile grounds for conflicts in Rwenzori and Kasese District in Particular. The poor for example feel marginalized and in case of any incitement by self seekers like politicians, they easily raise up to participate in conflicts. The poor also have nothing to lose and this becomes easy for them to even engage in violent conflicts.
·        Land issue in Kasese has not been addressed well by the Government and since land is a major factor of production, people have got no option than conflicting over access and usage of land.
·        The current Kasese conflicts are not tribal as outsiders think, but more of economical and political.
·        Kasese communities are willing to co-exist but there seems not to be a political will for people to keep at Peace reason best known by Politicians.
·        The Foot Peace ambassadors have engaged themselves in mitigating Domestic violence conflicts, promoting negotiation as a measure of managing conflicts at local levels and reporting conflicts to relevant local authorities before they could turn into violent.
TOT Making presentation after group work on Conflict Mapping and analysis

At the end of the training, Participants agreed to embark on the following key actions all aimed at promoting Peaceful co-existence in communities;
·        TOTs/FPAs to mobilize others and instantly report Conflicts and HRs violations in their communities by SMS on; +256779709096 or +256705674200 which reports will be plotted on
·        Training their CBO members on Human Rights, Conflict prevention and Management.
·        Conducting community dialogues on especially conflict negotiations
 Organizing massive community sensitizations on Peaceful co-existence.
Isaac Sinamakosa Presenting on use of ICT to report Conflicts and Human Rights Violations.

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