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Foot Peace Ambassadors and Munkunyu Sub County Leaders

“10th August 2017, will remain memorable in the history of Munkunyu Sub County, as for the first time CSOs champion planting trees for Peace. A new garden of Eden has today been created at the sub county headquarters by Good Hope Foundation”, narrated by LCIII Chairperson, Munkunyu Sub County Mr. Muhindo Josephat.
Display of trees ready for planting by FPAs and LCIII Chairperson on the left in a Jacket, Mr. Muhindo Josephat

The day involved launching planting trees for Peace where four hundred (400) gruveria tree seedlings were planted by all participants on the sub county land at the sub county headquarters as a sign of commitment by all youth and sub county leaders to promoting sustainable Peace in the sub county.
This was one of the actions during the youth caravan in the youth week that started from 5th to 12th of August with the national celebrations in Bundibugyo District on 12th.
Some of the youths and their leaders participating in tree planting
The Kitsutsu united youth organization together with their local leaders that included among others; Local council three chairperson, Sub county Chief, District Youth Councilor, Sub County Councilors, Sub County Speaker, and all youth Chairpersons from village to Sub County levels embraced the youth caravan by participating in all planned actions.
Sub County Chief, Mr. Muhindo Joseph Mumbahya Participating in tree planting
After planting trees, Participants gathered to dialogue about Peaceful co-existence among the different ethnic groups in the sub county that were all represented including majorly; Bakonzo, Banyabindi and Basongora totaling to 101(61 males and 40 females) participants.
The dialogue involved Presentations by Good Hope Foundation staff members including Project officer and Executive Director about the Peace Caravan that was about the role of the youth in Peace building and enabling the youth to share a common understanding of promoting peaceful co-existence in Munkunyu sub County and entire region at large. The link between trees, peace and conflicts prevention was un packed by Good Hope Foundation staff emphasizing on climate change, climate justice refugees and consequently conflicts rising due to human activities. Trees bring climate justice hence causing peace that was behind God’s plan in the Garden of Eden.
Isaac Sinamakosa, in action

Other actions included; Reports presentations by Foot Peace ambassadors, Speeches by Leaders including LCIII Chairperson, Mr. Muhindo Josephat, Sub County Speaker Hon. Muhasa Everest, Sub County Chief Mr.  Muhindo Joseph Mumbahya, other Councilors and religious leaders all passing a touching message on Peaceful Co-existence for Development.
FPAs Report presentation on their actions in the Sub County

During the deliberations, the following key issues were noted;
  • Youth must be tolerant with every situation if they must promote Peace,
  • Community meetings across the Sub County must continue for consistency in Peace promotion,
  • High financial expectations from community members is challenging actions of FPAs,
  • Youth are abusing drugs making them victims of law disobedience,
  • Youth are economically dis empowered making them susceptible to breaking the laws of the land due to Poverty,
  • Domestic Violence  and Defilement cases are on the decrease due to constant sensitizations and Home visits by FPAs in the Sub County,
Participants agreed on the following action points as a way of keeping the campaign on Peaceful Co-existence and Human Rights observance vibrant  and result centered in the Sub County;
·         Foot Peace Ambassadors(FPAs) to change meetings designs by making them short in order to limit People’s financial expectations whenever engaged in meetings,
·         FPAs to engage leaders in community mobilizations and make sure leaders are officially invited in any planned action,
·         Constant follow-ups to leaders and conflicts, and human rights violations victims must be emphasized,
·         Innovations with in the project to empower the youth economically must be incubated as a way of causing project impact,
·         All youth leaders to act as Peace ambassadors and cause more meetings on Peaceful co-existence with in their leadership jurisdictions,
·         FPAs advised to be very careful in public and become role models if they must convince others to change for Peaceful co-existence,
·         A message of early planning for the future by the youth must be popularized in the Sub County for sustainable Peace,
·         Sub County leadership led by LCIII Chairperson to support and promote all actions started and being done by Good Hope and its community structures in the Sub County.
Munkunyu Sub County Youth Chairperson Hon. Bakalhania Ornizmus deliberating

On 11th August 2017, another team of Fifteen( 6 Males and 9 Females) youth from Karusandara Youth Development association in Karusandara Sub County, Kasese District were also facilitated to participate in the National Youth events in Bundibugyo District where they participated in dialogues, music dance and drama presentation and live talk show on UBC Radio-Bundibugyo all about Peaceful Co-existence, Conflict prevention and management and sharing how they are doing it in Karusandara Sub County.

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