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A musongora artist,Master Kalenzi sensitizing local residents through Music

10th September 2017 was a day when Bigando community in Kitswamba Sub County, Busongora North Constituency, Kasese District gathered for a sensitization campaign on Peaceful co-existence and human rights promotion. Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development in Partnership with local Artists who were led by Mr. Kahyana Jolly of Echoes Band Peace Ambassadors, and Master Kalenzi(From Basongora ethnic group), and Foot Peace ambassadors engaged people through Music dance and drama with key Peaceful co-existence messages.
From Different tribes, but one People

Averagely one thousand (approximately 550 Males and 450 Females) people attended the grass root sensitization event held at BigandoTrading Centre.
Among other participants included; Local residents of Bigando community with different ethnic group members including their leaders, Kitswamba Sub County Chairperson Mr. Magonya Chance, Kitswamba District Councilor Hon. Bukambi Jonald, Rugendabara Parish Councilor Hon. Nswere Mary, Mr. Bwambale Ramathan Mugisa, the Political assistant to the Busongora North Member of Parliament, FPAs of Kitswamba sub county, Media person from KGR, Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Youth Council Speaker, Basongora Chairperson in Bigando-Ibuga Mr. Kyomya Stephen and many other local leaders.
Kitswamba Sub County Foot Peace Ambassadors sensitizing through Drama

The sensitization event aimed at;
·         Creating massive awareness about Peace building, conflict management and Human rights to local people of Kitswamba sub county and mainly Bigando area.
·         Mobilizing at least 200 local people as peace and human rights ambassadors in Kitswamba Sub County.
Kitswamba Sub County Chairperson, Mr. Magonya Chance making his remarks
Several issues were raised by different Speakers and among others included;
·         Search for easy early riches has deprived most Kasese and Rwenzori residents of human morals. Money has been used by Conflict Merchants in Rwenzori to manipulate people,
·         “Strategists are working tirelessly to divide ethnic groups in Kasese which have for long been living peacefully” said by Cattle keepers’ chairperson in Bigando Mr. Julius,
·         Ignorance among local people is aiding conflict escalation in Kasese and Rwenzori. Most people are still illiterate to a level of believing anything proposed by their leaders,
·         Competition for land whereby some people un fairly want to own big chunks of land on expenses of others has led to land conflicts,
·           Elders in Kasese who wasted their youthful time by not working for their future are currently being used by Conflicts to escalate conflicts in Kasese and Rwenzori region at large. These have misled the youths,
  • “Ignorance of the law among local people is contributing to human rights violation” said by Sub County Chairperson,
  • “Taking sides by Police and army in Kasese issues has caused more harm than good. Local communities have progressively lost confidence in Ugandan National forces especially Police which is dangerous for a Peaceful society”, said by District Councilor,
  • Community members need to learn to dialogue in solving their local conflicts,
  • Leaders also seriously criticized the way Electoral commission was planning to conduct the Local Council one elections. Voting by lining up to them is a human rights violation because it will promote hatred among people.
District Councilor, Hon Jonald making emphasis on Peaceful Co-Existence

The key recommendations below were suggested by Participants for sustainable Peace and human rights promotion in Bigando and Kasese at large;
  • Facilitating more local engagement actions to build a strong grass root foundation against Conflict Merchants. Dialogue platforms need to be created for local citizens to always meet and analyze issues of development at their local levels.
  • Respecting the independence of the different arms of Government is pertinent for human rights promotion and conflicts management. The courts of law for example made rulings about some Kasese land under conflicts but the rulings were not respected, allegedly by well connected people to the Executive arm,
  • “Campaign for Peace seems to be championed by Bakonzo ethnic group members. There is need to uplift more people from other local ethnic groups to also champion the campaign, so that the campaign is taken as Kasese issue, not Bakonzo issue”, said by one of the Participants,
  • Youth were asked to defy wrong advises that are anti-Peace and encouraged to work for their stable future.
The LCV Chairperson Representative, Hon.Bukambi Jonald closed the day’s event, calling on every one to keep law and order and remain vigilant on haters of Peace in Kasese and Rwenzori region.
Leaders summing up the event with a dance, led by LCIII Chairperson

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