Sunday, 3 September 2017


Good Hope foundation in implementing a community driven approach to prevent violence against children and adolescents in kasese district using the model couple approach to work as change agents as far as parenting is concerned through influencing and changing the parenting practices among the fellow couples and families in the neighborhoods through organizing sharing and discussion visits to the neighboring families and participating in radio talk shows on parenting. Good Hope Foundation mapped and identified four (4) model couples per sub county making Eight model couples from the two sub counties of Kisinga and Karusandara all neighboring the schools we are working with within the respective sub counties.
On 4th and 5th May 2017, Good Hope Foundation organized a training session for the model couples in the two sub counties of kisinga and Karusandara. Eight (8) model couples were trained on parent-child communication skills, parenting styles, guidance and counseling. The training was for the purposes of strengthening model couples positive parenting practices skills at family level targeting 8 couples in 2 sub-counties in Kasese district with the main objective of equipping model couples with knowledge and skill on positive parenting practices as well equipping them with skill on public speaking and media presentation.
Key areas of training included; understanding the concept of model couple looking at the characteristics of a model couple in relation to positive parenting. A model couple a family of man and woman living as husband and wife with their children, the couple that is recognized by the community as husband and wife living under the same roof, the family that has basic household needs like- main house, detached kitchen and latrine, bathroom, dry rake, hand washing facility with soap,  garden for food security in case of rural families, a couple that knows the value of education, a couple who is mindful of children’s basic needs, as well the couple that is able to share their experiences in child up-bringing, farming and community participation including any innovations that have enabled them to bring up children using the means available at their disposal.
Other training areas included; understanding the concept of violence against children and adolescents looking at the forms, causes, effects and how it can be prevented;  understanding the concept of positive parenting mainly looking at the aspects that can help in achieving positive parenting such as behavior control, respect for Individual autonomy, modeling appropriate behaviors, positive communication skills, provision and protection looking at the roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians. The participants were also skilled in media and public speaking were we concentrated on giving model couples tips on public speaking and radio presentation looking at how they can prepare themselves for the radio talk show before, during and after the radio talk show.
Key commitments
  • Model couples committed themselves to reach out to 10 families each couple in their neighborhoods to share and discuss with them on the aspect of positive parenting of children and work with them to bring about change in those families in regard to reducing violence against children and adolescents.
  • Model couples also committed themselves to always come for radio talk shows whenever they are called upon to share family experiences in parenting of children to the listeners.

Model couples being trained

 Model couples being trained in Kisinga Sub County
Model couples in training session on VAC prevention in Karusandara Sub County

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