Saturday, 16 July 2016


Good Hope Foundation joined the rest of the International Community to celebrate the International Labour Day on Sunday, 1st May 2016. The International Labour Day is celebrated around the world every year in recognition of all workers contributions and achievements.
This year, Good Hope Foundation joined with sub county leadership of Karusandara to celebrate the international Labor Day. The Labour Day Celebrations was held in Kanamaba tradind center Karusandara Sub County under the theme ‘Strengthening Uganda’s Competitiveness for Sustainable Job Creation and Inclusive Growth’. The theme puts emphasis on how competitiveness is critical for improved productivity which in turn leads to sustainable job creation and inclusive growth in all sectors of the economy. The event was officiated by the district councilor Karusandara sub county which was attended by over 450 people (294 females and 156 males)
Emphasis was also put on the high rates of school dropouts, failure of the children to attain education, the quality and content of education and skills acquired by the citizens through the education system, which is not adequately matched with the labor market which leads to low labor productivity which adversely affects competitiveness and this members said is very high in the sub county.
Additionally, members said Karusandara has limited skilled man power like teachers and other professions which the chief guest attributed to the high rates of defilement, alcoholism, child labor that increases school dropouts.

Attitude to work was also highlighted as a big challenge in the sub county. Some of people lack the right attitude, commitment and zeal to go through the tough cycle of establishing successful enterprises.
The high rates of alcoholism in the sub county limits production as community members waste resources in alcohol other than investing it in productive work such as education, businesses, providing good basic needs to the children.
Food security was also highlighted during the event where members said to improve the economic status of households and alleviate poverty, food security is very essential. On this members were advised to engage in both food and cash crop to improve the welfare of households.
Several drama performances were performed during the event by the women groups and school clubs Good Hope Foundation is working with in the sub county. All the drama performances were in line with the theme and in line with the prevention of violence against children and adolescents. Karusandara HIV/AIDS United Group presented a drama on parenting which centered on the model families that work hard to provide the basic needs to their children and then the un responsible families that encourage and participate in unproductive events such alcoholism and early marriages in such for money.
Karusandara HIV/AIDS United Group presented a drama on good parenting practices that reduce violence against children

Karusandara HIV/AIDS United Group presented a drama on bad parenting practices that led to violence against children

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