Saturday, 16 July 2016


In an attempt to improve household incomes, Good Hope Foundation has looked at empowering women with life skills to enable them generate income through participation in income generating activities. The inclusion of women in generating income for the household will highly reduce violence against children and adolescents in the households through improving the household incomes since violence against children and adolescents has been attributed to household poverty. It is noted that the financial part of the household is left to men only which narrows the financial basket of the family and therefore by enabling women to participate in income generating activities will increase the income of the households as well as reducing violence against children. Hand craft work is a viable business for women since it does not require a lot of time because one can work on a craft during her leisure time especially after other home duties hence enabling many women highly in the handcraft work.
Good Hope Foundation organized skill training workshops for women groups to empower them with skills to participate in income generating activities. The training workshops focused on training women groups in hand craft skills especially mat making as well as skilling them on making shopping bags using the local, cheap and accessible material.
Good Hope Foundation hired technicians who signed a contract with Good Hope Foundation to train our women groups in handcraft skills for one. 60 women from the two groups of Kanamba Women group and St. Lucy women group in the two sub counties of operation i.e Kisinga and Karusandara sub counties where trained in making shopping bags and mats. The groups were also supplied with handwork materials as startup capital.
·         46 women have learnt how to make the shopping bags
·         20 shopping bags have already been produced by the group members

St.Luke women group in Kisinga S/county being trained to make shopping bags/baskets
Karusandara HIV/AIDS united group training women to make local mats and other hand crafts

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