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“For the years civil society organizations have operated in Munkunyu sub county, this day will remain memorable to us in as far as community engagement in projects implementation is concerned” Narrated by Local council three chairperson of Munkunyu Sub county Mr. Bwambale Josephat.
Chairperson LCIII strongly emphasizing on guaranteed project support by local leaders
July 19th 2016 is a memorable day referred to by the chairperson when Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development organized a minds sparking sub county sensitization meeting of all Local council one chairpersons, sub county political and technical team, District Councilors, some elders, religious leaders, women, PWDs and youths representatives, totaling to ninety one ( 68 Males and 23 Females) leaders, about peace building, conflict management and human rights, at the sub county headquarters with an activity purpose of creating a platform for massive awareness to local community members about Peaceful co-existence, conflict management and Human rights in the Sub County. It will remain memorable indeed because, for the first time leaders were brought together to digest the content of the project before the other community members could fully be engaged during the implementation. This is an assurance for project sustainability, according to the several leaders who attended. Major topics of discussion included; project introduction to all participants, legal knowledge in conflicts management and Human rights violations interventions as well as negotiation, and finally mainstreaming environment in peace and Human Rights promotion.
Participants in a group photo after a full day of sensitization
European Union through HIVOS is supporting Good Hope Foundation under the RWECO sorority to implement a project on community action to prevent and manage conflicts and Human rights violations in Rwenzori region, where Good Hope is concentrating on five sub counties of Kasese; Munkunyu, Katwe kabatoro Town council, Lake Katwe, Karusandara and Kitswamba, where as other RWECO Members operate in Ntoroko, Bundibugyo and Kamwenge.
Jimmy Odyek, coordinator RWECO making an analysis of a local conflict

Lead Facilitator, counsel Bwalhuma Isaac presenting a minds tickling topic on conflicts and Human Rights
The following key issues were raised by Participants;-
Isaac Sinamakosa engaging participants to bring out salient issues

  • Land conflicts in most communities emanate from un clear ownership where most lands are not registered. This has promoted land grabbing.
  • A right to speak a language of one’s choice is violated in some communities where other people feel shy to even speak their languages in public.
  • Most local council one chairpersons are ignorant of their jurisdictions in as far as legal issues are concerned, for example making judgments for land cases.
  • Land agreements in most villages are written half hazardely creating many lacunars for any potential legal challenge.
  • Delays in courts rulings are also contributing to community conflicts.
  • Conflicts in Kasese District are being incited by some elders who miss-guide the youths on political grounds.
  • The split of Kasese District into others is a potential conflict trigger.
  • Un clear laws about cultural institutions are being used by some extremists to cause chaos in the communities.
  • People with Disabilities’ issues are not seriously taken by local leaders. At the sub county headquarters for example, leaders were just reminded in the meeting to put ramps for PWDs.
  • Level of innovativeness among local people is still very low to an extent of producing for subsistence in the Agricultural sector, instead of commercial. This has made poverty a common phenomenon among the communities.
  • Culture is still exposing women to marginalization. It is for example still culturally common that a woman can not manage a family land, or not given a priority when it comes to education compared to a man.
  • Very few people in Munkunyu, if not the whole District continue with education up to a level of at least a masters degree.
  • Kanyampara water channel is another resource that has caused conflicts among local residents especially cultivators and cattle keepers.

Key Action points;-
Participants critically making use of their sight and hearing senses

  •  RWECO/ and Good Hope Foundation to provide print outs of land act to all local council one chairpersons.
  • All participants to cause manageable community meetings where Foot peace ambassadors will always attend and participate about peaceful co-existence.
  • Lead facilitator to summarize a presentation about conflicts and Human Rights, then supply hand outs to key sub county stakeholders.
  • Massive sensitization about peaceful co-existence through different forums like funeral and wedding ceremonies, churches, mosques and VSLAs meetings by participants
  • Political leaders to carefully communicate the status of District split to their voters, to avoid triggering a conflict.
  • To build ramps at all sub county office entries by end of next quarter. 

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